Date of publication: 18 October 2016

Josh Tetrick, Founder and CEO of Hampton Creek, always wanted to make a difference. He decided a few years back that the way to do this was through business. He chose to focus on a system that affects every human being on the planet every single day - food - with the goal of flipping the system on its head. How to ensure every person on the planet can afford to eat healthy, nutritious food? And how to shift the eating habits of climate-conscious millennials in a more environmentally sustainable direction? These are the challenges that Hampton Creek exists to address.

Founded in 2011, Hampton Creek is a food technology company that develops plant-based products with the goal of eventually replacing eggs as well as sugar and trans fats - making food healthier, cheaper and better for the planet. The company has attracted over $100 million of funding from the likes of Li Ka Shing, Khosla Ventures and Google.

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