The Robin Hood of currency exchange

TransferWise CEO, and serial disruptor, Taavet Hinrikus on the opportunities incumbents miss by not putting the customer first.

Trust me - this changes everything

Value is being unlocked, access is being democratized. Rachel Botsman asks how will business reinvent the role it plays in customers' lives.

Breakthrough Business Models

Exploring how executives and entrepreneurs can harness an evolving set of business model features to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Breakthrough Innovation Challenges

The BIC brings together 22 intrapreneurs from 10 companies, challenging them to create sustainable business models with disruptive tech. Learn about their journeys here.

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Richard Roberts, Volans
Jacqueline Lim, Volans
Jacqueline Lim, Volans
By Richard Roberts, Volans

A CSR agenda for Silicon Valley

By Richard Roberts, Volans, Read on Medium

John Elkington and Jacqueline Lim

Six secrets of Breakthrough business models

John Elkington and Jacqueline Lim, Read on Medium

Richard Roberts, Volans

Getting into the flows

Richard Roberts, Volans, Read on Medium

John Elkington, Volans
Richard Roberts, Volans
By John Elkington, Volans

Breakthrough Library

Erez Galonska, Guy Galonska and Osnat Michaeli, Founders, InFarm: Farming in the aisles

Farming in the aisles

InFarm are tackling world hunger and bringing new transparency to food production, one in-store on-demand farm at a time.

Organisation InFarm

Location Berlin, Germany

Darwin for the DNA Age on the evolution of business

Forget the digital revolution, Juan Enriquez says life code is the real gamechanger

Featuring Juan Enriquez, Managing Director, Excel Venture Management

Playing with the substance of 'us'

IndieBio's Ryan Bethencourt is on a mission to marry advancements in biotechnology with successful business models

Featuring Ryan Bethencourt, Program Director, IndieBio

Vasu Padmanabhan, CEO, Piramal Sarvajal: Water ATMs making a splash in India

Water ATMs making a splash in India

It may be powered by the sun and managed by the cloud, but Piramal Sarvajal's decentralised clean-water system isn't the water cycle you learnt about at school

Organisation Piramal Sarvajal

Location Ahmedabad, India

The wannabe innovator against the status quo

MIT's Andrew McAfee on why the next industrial revolution is closer than you think

Featuring Andrew McAfee, Digital Economy, MIT

The startup taking the planet's pulse

Planet is on a mission to image the entire Earth every day. Robbie Schingler, Co-Founder of Planet, explains. Are you ready for your close-up?

Featuring Robbie Schingler, Co-Founder, Planet

Open power - the future of energy

Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, on letting go of carbon and democratising power

Featuring Francesco Starace, CEO, Enel

Ingvild Sørensen, Senior Manager, United Nations Global Compact: 2016 LEAD Symposium

2016 LEAD Symposium

The UN Global Compact's annual LEAD Symposium focused this year on the theme of "Breakthrough Innovation for the SDGs"

Organisation United Nations Global Compact

Location New York City, USA