Date of publication: 19 September 2017

Fuji Xerox is a joint venture between the Japanese photographic firm Fujifilm Holdings and the American document management company Xerox . It develops, produces and sells communication and document services in the Asia-Pacific region.

2012 marked the 50th year of the partnership, and a renewed commitment to working together to support customers - with increasingly diversified and complicated needs - for the next 50 years.

The Challenge

The company’s mission is to “create and utilise knowledge” through its offerings, and for the challenge they will be turning the lens on themselves as they try to find a way to better share information and improve 'social productivity' and collaboration across the company. Fuji Xerox recognise that if they are to survive, and remain competitive over the next 50 years, they must invest in their people. A more collaborative work environment has the potential to increase employee creativity and efficiency in communication, as well as reduce environmental burdens, gender inequality, and mental illness.

The Solution

The Fuji Xerox team have developed an online communications platform that will allow every person in the company to easily find experts or supporters, internally, for any idea they are working on. The hope is that the platform will foster collaboration between unlikely allies across different departments, disciplines and levels of seniority in the organisation.

To incentivise employees to use the platform, the platform will utilise gamification technology to quantify and visualise the benefits to employees in using the platform, providing them with rewards points and nudges on how they could be using the platform better. When the platform knows the type of problem the employee is working on, it will use Artificial Intelligence to suggest who they should be connecting with and what questions they should be asking.

Get to know the team:

Keiichi Nemoto, Researcher
Keiichi Nemoto, Researcher

Keiichi is a researcher at Fuji Xerox. He is leading a text mining and analysis project through the collaboration with partners and managing a development of machine learning algorithms to extract useful information from a vast number of text data.

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