The moonshot CEO with a trifecta for disruption

Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE, explains why grand challenges require... grand challenges.

Featuring Marcus Shingles, CEO, XPRIZE

David Katz and Shaun Frankson, , The Plastic Bank: Banking what the sea spits back

Banking what the sea spits back

The Plastic Bank is turning plastic waste into a new currency - addressing a huge environmental problem whilst creating a new source of income for the poor.

Organisation The Plastic Bank

Location Vancouver, Canada

Eric Rondolat, CEO, Philips Lighting: Let there be (intelligent) light

Let there be (intelligent) light

Philips’ ‘Pay-per-lux’ business model is keeping the light on, both for its bottom line and the environment.

Organisation Philips Lighting

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 80 year startup making the world a brighter place

Patrick Thomas, CEO of Covestro, on the smarter use of materials, and the importance of purpose, breakthroughs and sharing innovations.

Featuring Patrick Thomas, CEO, Covestro

Marc-David Choukroun, CEO, The Food Assembly: A taste for shopping local

A taste for shopping local

The Food Assembly is disrupting supermarket chains by making local produce accessible for local communities and more worthwhile for local producers.

Organisation The Food Assembly

Location France

Arthur Huang and Jarvis Liu, Co-Founders, Miniwiz: Turning Taiwan's trash into business

Turning Taiwan's trash into business

Miniwiz is epitomising the Circular Economy by basing its entire business model on turning trash into cash.

Organisation Miniwiz

Location Taipei, Taiwan