Jay Gould & Erin Meezan, COO & CSO, Interface: Carpet tiles reverse climate change

Carpet tiles reverse climate change

Interface are close to eradicating all their negative impacts on the planet. Now what?

Organisation Interface

Location Atlanta, USA

Luciana Oliveira, Co-Founder, New Hope Ecotech: Wealth in Brazil’s waste

Wealth in Brazil’s waste

New Hope Ecotech is using technology and legislation to turn Brazil's 250,000 waste pickers into invaluable partners for manufacturers

Organisation New Hope Ecotech

Location São Paulo, Brazil

Hope in Abundance

Peter Diamandis on why the exponential growth of technologies, from blockchain to augmented reality, gives us reason to be optimistic; super optimistic.

Featuring Peter Diamandis, Executive Chairman, Singularity University & XPRIZE

The healthcare warrior transforming a sick society

Healthy people need a healthy planet. Gary Cohen from Health Care without Harm discusses how healthcare is transforming its relationship with the environment.

Featuring Gary Cohen, President, Health Care Without Harm

Cutting to the chase - the fate of car sharing

The mother of the sharing economy, Robin Chase, explains the power of the 'Peers Inc' business structure to drive exponential, sustainable growth.

Featuring Robin Chase, Co-Founder, Zipcar

Kenny Ewan, Founder and CEO, WeFarm: The Internet for farmers without Internet

The Internet for farmers without Internet

WeFarm is crowdsourcing agricultural know-how for farmers globally, while tapping into big data to turn these interactions into valuable insights.

Organisation WeFarm

Location London, UK

Frédéric Mazzella, CEO, BlaBlaCar: Born to ride (share)

Born to ride (share)

BlaBlaCar is turning car sharing into a viable form of transportation that’s more cost-effective, social and environmentally friendly.

Organisation BlaBlaCar

Location Paris, France

Yusuf Hamied, Founder, Cipla: India’s Robin Hood of drugs

India’s Robin Hood of drugs

Cipla is an Indian drug company literally saving millions of lives through its reverse-engineered, low-cost medicines.

Organisation Cipla

Location Mumbai, India