Shuan Church, President, Living Goods: Africa’s ‘Avon ladies’ of health

Africa’s ‘Avon ladies’ of health

Living Goods are using a century-old business model to fix a broken system

Organisation Living Goods

Location Kampala, Uganda

Brighter Lives - The Future in Connected LED Light

Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting, explains why he's in an industry 'blessed' with solving the energy equation.

Featuring Eric Rondolat, CEO, Philips Lighting

Jim Woods, CEO, The Curve: The TripAdvisor of Energy

The TripAdvisor of Energy

The Curve aims to knock 20% off corporate carbon emissions by breaking down silos and sharing data on what works.

Organisation The Curve

Location London, UK

Scrambling the future of food and scaring sharks

Josh Tetrick of Hampton Creek wants to change the world by making the 'right thing' the 'easiest thing'. He explains why business needs to be bolder than ever.

Featuring Josh Tetrick, Founder and CEO, Hampton Creek

Business lessons from a legendary mountaineer

You can't go it alone. Patagonia's Rick Ridgeway on the importance of managing risks - not taking them - and the uselessness of despair.

Featuring Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Public Engagement, Patagonia

Jay Gould & Erin Meezan, COO & CSO, Interface: Carpet tiles reverse climate change

Carpet tiles reverse climate change

Interface are close to eradicating all their negative impacts on the planet. Now what?

Organisation Interface

Location Atlanta, USA

Luciana Oliveira, Co-Founder, New Hope Ecotech: Wealth in Brazil’s waste

Wealth in Brazil’s waste

New Hope Ecotech is using technology and legislation to turn Brazil's 250,000 waste pickers into invaluable partners for manufacturers

Organisation New Hope Ecotech

Location São Paulo, Brazil

Hope in Abundance

Peter Diamandis on why the exponential growth of technologies, from blockchain to augmented reality, gives us reason to be optimistic; super optimistic.

Featuring Peter Diamandis, Executive Chairman, Singularity University & XPRIZE