Date of publication: 07 March 2018

Achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is a huge market opportunity for business. As part of Project Breakthrough, Volans and the UN Global Compact have been speaking to leading innovators to find out what it will take to seize this opportunity. Whilst a lot has been said about the role of technology in creating the necessary solutions, less has been said about the role of business models in connecting those solutions with market demand. Here our interviews offer some insight into what these business models will look like.

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With thanks to our interviewees:

Marcus Shingles, XPRIZE

Rachel Botsman, Collaborative Economy

Andrew McAfee, MIT

Darlene Damm, Singularity University

Herman Narula, Improbable

Taavet Hinrikus, TransferWise

Marie Kyle, BIMA

Daniel Becerra, BuffaloGrid

Francesco Starace, Enel Group

Josh Tetrick, JUST

Patrick Thomas, Covestro

Jessi Baker, Provenance

John Elkington, Volans